Thursday, December 10, 2009

Peer Review 1

I think the first peer review went rather well, I got some very good feed back, though I apparently discouraged my partner because I already had around five pages, while she only had about two. Despite that I believe I was able to give her a few pointers. It was nice to get another persons opinion on my paper rather than the usual people I corner and make edit them. I was able to tell whether I was making my point at that my sentence structure made sense, because usually after a while I can’t tell anymore. So progress is being made.

Three Weeks Left and Photoshop

Only three weeks, not quite crunch time, but close. I believe after some tweaking my thesis statement is pretty solid.

Little did she know that four years later, at the age of 21 on May 9, 1840, she would become his wife and through the experiences of her upbringing and passion for the written word she would be the most influential woman in his life.

As far as research questions I'm still trying to figure out what to include. I want to focus mostly on Margaret and Sam’s Relationship and how Margaret was an influence in reforming Sam. They had a close relationship and sent numerous letters and in Margaret’s case poems inspirational poems.

Computer Lab: Photoshop Image Selection

Image selection is an important part for my website. Because of my topic being Margaret Moffette Lea Houston I have an unspeakable amount of images though all do not pertain directly to my topic and some add that extra push needed.

This is the main Image I plan to use to open my website with. It is aid to be one of the earliest known images as Margaret. It was done in Galveston, Texas, in 1840, not long after her arrival to Texas from her honeymoon with Sam.

This is the image of a French Ivory cameo that Houston had made in 1836 and gave to Margaret in 1839 as an engagement present, to remember him by when he had to return to Texas.

I was very excited to find these images of Margaret’s bible and Album of poems and writings both of which were very important to her and was never without.